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"Wingfeather Saga" Review

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Everyone should read the Wingfeather Saga!!!!! Truly, if you have not read this series by Andrew Peterson, you need to get it and read it. Leeli, Janner, and Tink are three children who discover some truths about who they are and then must fight and face hardship as they claim those identities. They are aided by their mother, Nia, and their grandfather, Podo. Their family bond helps them through many perils as they work to claim who they are.

There are so many good themes in this book, but I'm going to highlight one that is so near and dear to me. There is no one is so far lost that they can't be saved! Jesus teaches us this and we are called to not give up on people, but to bless, love, and encourage people as Jesus did. I cannot give away the biggest scene in the book that highlights this message-so read it!

Some other themes in the Wingfeather Saga include family, hope, forgiveness, anger and dealing with anger, courage, thankfulness, discovering self, God given gifts, and grief.

Please read this series! It is great for all ages! It is a wonderful read-aloud for your whole family.


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