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The Saga Begins

Well, off we go! We are excited to kick things off for our first box being shipped out March 1st.

With Sara and I each having a full-time job and 4 kids running around and with the books we are very excited to have in our first box, it just made sense to call our first box, "The Saga Begins."

The word "saga" is defined as 'a long and involved story.' I think that is pretty fitting to what we are doing right now :)

We are probably going to experience some bumps over the next few weeks. We are going to try and run a few tests and make sure everything is working properly before we start taking orders on the 20th of February.

We are excited about the opportunity to help bring more Faith based books into your home and we hope that your children enjoy the stories and the journey as much as you as parents do.

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