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"The Promise and the Light" by Katy Morgan

Have you ever really thought about what Mary and Joseph went through as they became engaged, found out Mary was pregnant, and then go married? Years and years ago, in one of our church bulletins at Christmas was this quote:

"Mary and Joseph learned that the only way to follow God was to 'trust and obey' his word. The character of these two young adults reminds us that God fulfills his purposes by using people of strong character and unquestioning obedience."

-Stuart Weber, Holman New Testament Commentary: Matthew

I have kept this quote because it struck me for the first time how hard it must really have been for Mary and Joseph to truly "trust and obey" as they walked the path God gave them. Two young people in a culture full of doubt and fear, under the oppression of the Roman empire, standing up and believing God. What an amazing legacy of faith Mary and Joseph give us.

The Promise and the Light by Katy Morgan is a Christmas retelling. Is it completely true? No, but Ms. Morgan does an excellent job of telling what parts of her story are embellished and what parts are from scripture. In fact, she goes chapter by chapter and tells what is true and what is not. I LOVE this book! It incorporates all the wonderful parts of the Christmas story-from Elizabeth's pregnancy all the way to the fight to Egypt-in a retelling that is woven together into a wonderful story of faith, promise, and love. I enjoy finding Mary telling Bible stories to her siblings as they work. She has a strong faith in God's promise of a Messiah as her family and the people around her tell her over and over again that "things like that don't happen anymore." Bringing the Christmas story to life is part of the magic in the miracle of the season. Katy Morgan sets the story of two people with strong faith in the middle of a culture that has lost faith and is anxious to be free from Roman rule. She does a magnificent job of keep the story historically accurate and adding wonderfully appropriate details. Enjoy The Promise and the Light as you embrace the wonder of the season of Christmas.

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