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September Box Reveal

Hey Everyone!

This is such a great story. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this book as well as your kids!

"Extracted" by Rich Castro

The story follows a group of high school kids as they are sent into an unknown world. As they are extracted back and forth they grow closer as a group but they also grow in their strengths that they never really knew they had. As war in this unknown land becomes inevitable, this group will play a huge role in the battles to come.

Topical Memory System for KIDS

Just like the characters in our book, it's important to spend time in the areas we want to grow! I know for many of us adults, Scripture Memory is something we wish we would have done more of as kids. We are always looking for fun and new ways to learn scripture with our kids and TMS is a great option. The book has flashcards and the verses are cut in half so that they can memorize the verses easier. All the of the verses are topical and THAT is what helps them remember the scripture. Take a look and memorize with them.


Our bookmark comes from Vi Bella. It's a long bookmark and makes a great addition to your Bible! They have a great mission and a bunch of awesome products. Take a look at their sight HERE and use code "ROOTED20" to save 20% at checkout.

We are excited to share new books with you each month. Please tell your family and friends about us!

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