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October Box Reveal

Wow! This month really flew by!

We are already getting prepped for the release of our November theme and box.

We really hope you are all enjoying your books this month. "Astral Dragon" might be a bit of a longer read, but Bryan Davis always such a great job of sewing a fantastic Gospel message in his books. If you haven't yet, be sure to go through some of those questions in the box with your kids so you can learn what they are getting from the books.

"Would You Rather..." is all about making choices and then putting your reasoning down on paper. A really cool way to discuss some topics with your kids and also learn some fun new

Bible stories.

If you missed out on ordering our October Box, don't worry we still have a few left. Click the link below and order today. This will make a great gift!

Still not a RBB subscriber? Order today and get our November Box shipped to you on the 1st!

Looking for some great Christmas Gift options? Check out our friends over at Use our code "rooted20" and save 20% on your order!

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