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May Box Reveal

Let me tell you guys, we have been waiting to use this book by Morgan Busse for months! We had a bunch of other books lined up, otherwise we might have gotten to it sooner. Flying ships and deep family secrets. The main character sneaks onboard a ship, hoping to steal some food and her life gets sent in a totally different direction.

One of the theme's in this book is redemption and that's the inspiration for our AWESOME bookmark from M.E. Designs. You can check out more of her work on Instagram @medesigns2 and on Etsy also.

Our companion book this months comes inspiration from the main character as well. She is very new in her "Faith" in this story. We thought a simple and affective guide to reading the Bible would be beneficial for your kiddos. I know I learned some things from it as well!

Enjoy the books!

Summer Reading Club!

If you missed signing up last month, there is still time. New orders will be given subscriptions boxes for June, July and August. Still plenty of time to read them all before school starts up! Order soon before we sell out of our June boxes :)

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