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May Box - "Rescued From Above"

I can't believe that summer is almost here! Spring is certainly hitting everywhere and I love how quickly everything turns green.

I'm sure we have all heard stories about someone being rescued. We even use this phrase when we talk about stories of salvation. These are often situations or stories where people are covered in Grace and Love; it changes their lives forever. Our fiction book for this month is one such story of life-changing grace. We hope you enjoy it!

We only have a few boxes available for this month, so if you've been holding off ordering, sign-up today!

Also! If you are looking for maybe just signing up for the summer so your kids can have a few more books to read when it's too hot to go outside, then this is a great option. You will get our boxes for the month of May, June and July. Take a look.

Finally, we have started doing a theme series. Our first series is on Create Courage (For Boys). This is a 3 box series and we are working on doing some more of these here soon!

We hope you guys all enjoyed the Gordon Greenhill books!

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