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March Box Reveal

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Hey everyone! You should be receiving your box in the mail in the next day or so. We were really excited about this box and absolutely LOVE the main fiction book!

Hush, Hush - by Remi Wilkins We loved reading this book. We knew right away that we wanted to put this book in a box asap. I think this will give you the opportunity as parents to have some really great conversations with your kids! We mention this in the "Questions" page included in your box, but we suggest parents read the author's notes starting on page 326. I think it will give a lot of insight into the book.

Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems - by Janet & Geoff Benge

One of the many theme's in "Hush, Hush" is this idea of sacrifice. Because it's a fiction book we felt like it might be hard to really grasp what that concept can look like in real life. We wanted to include a story that communicates what sacrifice might or can look like in real life. This is just one of MANY stories we could have chosen. We've read several YWAM stories over the years, but this one was new to us. We hope you enjoy it!

We really do love reading these books and sharing them with your families!

If you're looking for a great gift for a friend or family member that loves books or if you are trying to encourage them to read more, scroll down and take a look!


Click the link below to find books on more Christian Heroes!


If you're looking for a great family read-aloud or a book your kids can read on your own...and if you want them to laugh a lot...check out Brave Ollie Possum!

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