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June Box Reveal - "Facing Your Giants"

After a small bump in the road we were able to get all of our boxes out in the mail this morning! Thanks for understanding and hanging with us for a few days.

We really hope you guys enjoy the books this month as we had a lot of fun putting these boxes together.

"Bark Of The bog Owl" by Jonathan Rogers

A David allegory that finds Aidan Errolson wishing for a life of adventure. Even Aidan does not fully understand what this means when a prophet declares him the Wilderking. Aidan must "live the life that unfolds before [him]." Facing the giant is only the beginning. To get the rest of this series, go to

"Goliath Must Fall" by Louie Giglio

A great book that guides and gives practical ways to help our kids defeat the giants in their life. God is always bigger than our giants!

Our bookmark this month was a lot of fun. We wanted to create a "slingshot" as best we could!

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