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June Box - "Facing Your Giants"

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Hello Everyone!

We are really excited to share this series with you guys.

Sometimes facing our fears is hard. Stories can often be a great reminder that we don't have to do everything alone. We have someone that fights along side us and FOR us. Things can still be hard, that's for sure. But we have a God that is capable defeating all of the giants in our path.

Don't forget! You can still join us for the summer (June, July and August)!!! When you do we will also send you a copy of "Anxious For Nothing" by Max Lucado. Lots of great books for you guys to read this month!

Or SUBSCRIBE to our monthly book box!

And if you need any other GREAT book ideas or if you're looking for a study for your daughter to do through the summer, check out the link below!

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