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"Hunger Winter" Review

Hunger Winter is a WWII novel by Rob Currie. It is a wonderful story of family and hope. This story takes place in the Netherlands after Germany has invaded. Thirteen year old Dirk has had his family taken away from him and finds himself responsible for his 6 year old sister, Anna, as they try to locate safety and family. Dirk's family is targeted because they have chosen to stand up for truth. This is a theme in this book that I love and appreciate. I want my kids to stand up for truth, even when it is hard.

Dirk and Anna face many hardships as they journey through the country to find family. We also learn that the older sister, Els, and Dirk's father have being facing hard journey's of their own. Dirk's father has encouraged them all with words that he has said to them that they are now remembering as they face hard circumstances. This is a wonderful reflection of us remembering the words of God as we face tough times.

I highly recommend Hunger Winter as a work of historical fiction. The themes in this book include: family, truth, standing up for truth, praying, trust, and remembering my Father's words. All of these encourage us to be strong as we face difficult times in our lives. Dirk's unwillingness to give up and his struggles with his faith along the way teach our kids to continue to hold tight to Christ through it all.

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