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"Hertz to be a Hero" by Bryan Davis

What kind of superhero are you? Because we all are superheroes in some fashion, we just need to find out how. We call them gifts and callings, but they make us heroes to those around us. Hertz to be a Hero is book two in the series by Bryan Davis and it is just as clever and funny and encouraging as book one.

Eddie and Samantha are still on a mission to stop Mephisto and save Nirvana. This time they have mind-controlled zombies to battle through. This book is great! I mean, the town is hypnotized because they eat burritos infused with the gas and then fart each other into a hypnotic dad would be rolling on the floor and giving a standing ovation at the same time.

We also have several more serious things that go on in the book that make it a real winner. Eddie has invented a superhero machine, but it works better on his sister than on him. This causes some twinges of jealousy in him that he must continue to battle. We also see how much they miss their dad and learn some more details about the man that he was. Eddie has a distinct memory of his dad working with him on one of his weapon inventions where his dad tells him to only use the weapon to protect and defend. "Remember to use this gun only to guard the people you love, especially your mother and your sister. Never use it in anger or for revenge. You are a protector, not an avenger. You are a warrior for goodness, not a soldier of fortune. Use your gifts with wisdom, and express your love for your family and friends with passion, courage, and sacrifice. This is the measure of a man." (p 66) I LOVE this quote and all that comes with it. What great I AM statements for a young boy.

Once again, the family values in this book are great. Eddie and Samantha have a great relationship and are willing to sacrifice for each other. They come to the realization that being a hero is hard and even hurts at times, but it is always worth it. I look forward to one more battle against Mephisto in book three.

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