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"Finding Forgiveness" - Box Reveal

Forgiveness can be such a hard subject to talk about. In our main fiction book this month, we see this issue head on. No doubt that many of us have been on the side of both main characters; needing to receive forgiveness or needing to extend it. It's a great lesson that we can struggle to explain to our kids. We hope that this book helps in this way.

We thought that since we were starting out the new year, getting everyone a journal would be a great idea! There is no structure for this one. Whether you'd like to start journaling, keep a prayer journal, or just write down all the great things you learn from your books this year, we knew everyone would enjoy this; the cover is a great reminder of our theme for this month. Plus, you get a pen that you can use specifically with your journal!

Thank you for all of you that choose to give your kids great books with a great message! We really appreciate you and hope that you continue to read RBB books throughout the year.

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