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Christmas Read-Aloud Box

Updated: Oct 15, 2021


Huge thank you to everyone that submitted your information to us about the Christmas Read-Aloud Box. Unfortunately we didn't get enough interest to really make curating the box worth it this year. Hopefully we can come back next year and try again. Remember, please follow, like and share our social media posts. It really helps! :)


Hey Everyone!

We LOVE reading Christmas books throughout the the holiday season and we wanted to share that tradition with all of you. We are working on putting together a box with 4-5 read-aloud/picture books for your whole family to enjoy.

This will be a single purchase box and will NOT be a part of your regular RBB subscription.

In order for this to happen, we need everyone that is interested to click the link below and give us your information, so we can keep you updated on the process over the next couple of months. This will be a pre-order only. Meaning we are only ordering enough for those that want the box ahead of time.

We will keep you updated on shipping, price number of books and all the other details once you sign-up with the link below.

If you enjoy reading Christmas books to your kids and family over the holidays, then sign-up today! We want to add some new books to your Christmas list and help share the TRUE meaning of Christmas with everyone.

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