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April Box Reveal - "Discovering Your Path"

We all have a path and a purpose in life. For some of us that path is obvious, for others not so much. Sometimes we are like Sam Miracle (Outlaws of Time) and we have trouble figuring out who we are before we can even see our path. Other times we might be like Daniel, who in some ways has his path set before him but there seem to always be forces trying to push him off his path.

Luckily for both of these stories there are people that set forth along the path with us and they walk beside us. We really hope you enjoy the first book in the "Sam Miracle" series. They really are a lot of fun and we LOVED the western themes throughout the book.

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N.D. Wilson has written some really great books. One of my favorites, and it's great for young boys (a story of courage and protection) is Leepike Ridge. Use the link below to go check that one out.

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