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#8 - Christmas Book Countdown

Christmas is always busy at our about you? Sometimes in the midst of the chaos, I need an attitude adjustment. The Grumpy Old Ox by Anthony DeStefano is a fun story about an ox who needs his own attitude adjustment. This grumpy ox is old, bitter, and blind. He is stubborn and he knows it and stays that way on purpose. A change comes over him as a young couple expecting a baby (wink, wink), get put in his stable. The ox realizes that he has made the choice to be old and alone, but starts to feel sad for this young couple and the baby that has no been born. He recognizes the purity and innocence of the young baby and starts to act for someone else as his grumpiness melts away in the face of this baby. The family leaves for home, but the ox does not go back to being grumpy-instead he decides to try to be different. As he releases his grumpiness and stubborn ways, his own miracle happens-he is able to see. The book ends in the joy that comes from knowing the baby in the manger is the King. This is a cute story with a fun rhyme, but also, are you ready for your miracle this Christmas?

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