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#5 - Christmas Book Countdown

The story is that of the baby coming to earth to save us from our sins. A simple story on the surface, but actually a story rich in prophecy that is so much more than a story. Jesus Calling The Story of Christmas by Sarah Young give us the simple story and the rich background. We start with creation, move on to Abram, learn about the prophets, and see how Mary and Joseph were brought into God' story. This book is wonderful as it weaves scripture into the story and also puts the story in age appropriate language. I LOVE the each page has a "Jesus Calling" box. This box talks about how each step of Jesus' story is for each and every person. The message is so personal and relatable. Jesus didn't just come to save the world-He came to save me and you-as individuals who are created on purpose for a purpose. What wonderful news to give to kids at even the earliest age.

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